Henry Smith (6 Nov 1842 - 30 Sep 1924) ROBERT AND LUCY SMITH'S CHILD

Henry Smith (6 Nov 1842 - 30 Sep 1924)

Henry Smith is my great, great uncle.

Henry Smith was born on 6 November 1842 in Burghfield, Berkshire, England to Lucy Dore (nee Smith) and Robert Smith

English census' at show the following:

30 March 1851 - Living on Burghfield Common.  Aged 8 living with parents Robert and Lucy with brother George 10 and sister Martha 5. On both sides of them are living the Dore's.  The biggest land owners in Burghfield in 1851 are:
  • William Frift, a farmer of 250 acres
  • Charles Lovegrove, a farmer of 192 acres
  • William Hedges, a farmer of 100 acres - owned Bridge? House Farm
  • William Scribbans, a farmer of 40 acres
  • Horatio Bland owning Culverlands House

30 March 1861 - Living at Burghfield.  Aged 18 living with parents Robert and Lucy and brothers Charles 8, Joseph 7 and William 1.  George has left and is living with is wife Caroline (George is listed as a labourer).  The three biggest land owners in Burghfield in 1861 are:
  • James L Steel, a farmer of 150 acres
  • Loves Farm, owned by David Love, a farmer of 135 acres, and
  • Culverlands Farm, owned by Charles Bishop, a farmer of 100 acres.

On the 15 June 1865, Henry married Susanna Love at Bradfield, Berkshire, England.  Susannah was already pregnant with their first child Kate.  The Love family were very rich in the district with a farm called Love Farm owned by David Love, a farmer of 135 acres.  In 1861 Susanna is working for Mr and Mrs Biggs at Saint John's in the Parish of Saint Giles, Reading as a General Servant.

A month later on 29 July 1865, Henry and Susannah left England for Australia onboard the "Adamant". Henry is listed as Henry James.

They arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on 15 October 1865.

Sellick's Hill, South Australia, Australia (1865-1899)

On the 13 January 1872, Henry buys 3885 Main South Road, Sellicks Hill (Lot 277) from William Pengilly. The land area still exists today.  Henry is described as a Yeoman.  He pays 16 pounds for the property.  Could it be that this money came from the Love family.

Between 1868 to 1873 also purchases land as follows
  • CITY - 3 pieces of land at Norwood
  • NORTH - Greenock in the Barossa Valley, 2 pieces of land at Stow near Balaklava, Gilbert near Hamley Bridge, Kapunda and Gawler South
  • SOUTH EAST - Port McDonnell near Mount Gambier, Kincraig near Naracoorte and Naracoorte
Susannah and Henry had the following children:
  • Kate Smith born December 1865.  Who married William Sandford in 1887.
  • Jane Smith
  • Lucy Smith
  • Herbert Henry Smith
  • Beatrice Smith
  • Henry Dore Smith
  • Horatio Dore Smith
  • William Arthur Smith
  • Lizzy Lott Smith
  • Albert Benjamin Smith
  • Alexander Smith
  • Agnes Smith
Henry's younger brother Joseph arrived with his wife Eliza Rowlinson in Adelaide on 3 August 1875. When they arrived at Port Adelaide by boat, Henry met them with his dray and a big black horse called Ted.

Henry and brother Joseph Smith
The brothers were short men and so Joseph, who went first to live with Henry and work the farm, found it too hard pushing the large heavy equipment and so decided to move closer to the city.

In the newspaper "The South Australian Register" dated 14 September, 1868 in an article titled "The Gold Diggings" Henry is mentioned as being at the diggings.  It states: "Another party, consisting of Mr Henry Smith, of Sellick's Hill, and Mr. Duncan McRae, were particularly fortunate in having obtained from a tubful of stuff taken from the bottom of a hole some 12 feet deep a nugget weighing 1 oz. 3 dwts. 6 grains; another of about half the size, and two or three smaller ones. These two had been engaged on the diggings for a fortnight, but their previous findings had not been very great."

On 8 October 1887, Henry and Susannah's eldest daughter Kate marries William Stanford.  Henry is listed as still living at Sellick's Hill.

Henry's wife Susannah dies on the 31 January 1890 at Sellick's Hill. She was 46.

On 9 March 1896, Henry and Susannah's third eldest daughter Beatrice marries Walter Horace Wickham.  Henry is listed as still living at Sellick's Hill.

Henry is elected a district councillor for the Sellick's Hill Ward of Aldinga Council in July 1897.

Henry sells the land at Sellick's Hill to Robert James Hunt on 20 January 1899.

A poem was written before 1900 with reference to Henry in the 4th and 5th paragraphs. We are unsure of who the author of the poem was. It reads:

From Normanville to Noarlunga - The Changes of the Coach

How many changes do we see
As on through life we go
Even to the coach and horses, too
Which all of you do know
Hill & Co, will lose a man
On whom all could rely,
He is the driver of the coach,
His name is Mr Guy.
Now we must say good-bye to him
But not with our will
And put another driver on,
From Shoe to Normanville.

The winter time is drawing nigh,
The nights grow cold and dark,
And driving up this Sellick's Hill
Indeed it is no lark.
When he has got a good load on
He wants both nerves and sense
For here death stares you in the face
If he drives through the fence.

For ten long years did poor old Guy
Drive up and down the Hill,
And never once in that long time
Did he ever have a spill.
Whereever he goes whatever he does
May luck smile on him still.
We wish him well, yes, everyone
From the Shoe to Normanville.

Hill & Co's poor ostler too,
Has got his pass to walk,
I'll bet him, yes, against many man
In this here world to talk
And what he says is rather stretched,
Not always quite too true
For if he meets an Indian man
He's been to India, too.

But poor old Harry is a good old sort,
He likes to joke and laugh
And resembles his well fed horse, too,
For he is full of chaff.
But now he is going to leave us
To appear upon another scene,
And try some other existence
Where the grass is always green.
There are going to shift the stables, too,

From this Norman Victory Pub
Where the passengers alighted,
And ate their bit of grub.
Where they changed the horses
To proceed on their track.

And men enjoyed their nobblers,
Which they drank off with a smack.
The ladies would go into tea,
And some themselves would stuff
Till poor old Guy, "all aboard" would cry,
Before they'd had enough.
You would see some thin, one going in
Hungry there is no doubt,
But when they went back to the coach,
They always looked quite stout.

And if you want a good feed,
You just at this pub stay
You cannot beat the hostess,
Her name is A. B. McRae.

The waitress is a jolly lass,
Upon my word it's true
To surpass her work about the house
Indeed there are but few.
Perhaps you would like to know her name,
I'll give you but one guess.
She came from Second Valley here,
Her name is Miss J. Lawless.

Now the good times are over, it's no use to cry,
We'll try and sing and make it ring,
Wait till the clouds roll bye. "

Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Sometime between 1899 and May 1900, Henry heads to Gippsland, Victoria and lives at a place called Neerim.  He goes there because his cousin, Henry Dore (who married Sarah Ann Bird in 1894) is living there.  Henry Dore is the son of Henry Dore who is the brother of Lucy Dore.

On 9 May 1900, Henry's mother Lucy dies in Burghfield, Berkshire, England and a notice is published in the Advertiser.  It lists that Henry is living at Neerim, Gippsland, Victoria.
Living in Neerim South between 1903 and 1909 are his sons, Henry, a farmer, Horatio, a labourer and William Arthur a labourer.  Also listed are Ada Lily Smith, home duties, Edward Henry, a clergyman, Elizabeth, home duties and Fanny Eliza a housekeeper. Unsure at this stage whether they are related (possibly wifes etc?).

The last known photo of Henry Smith taken in 1915

Henry died on the 30th September 1924 at his brother Joseph's home at 138 Leicester Street, Parkside, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.  He is buried with his brother, Joseph, and Janie in the West Terrace Cemetary, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (Flinders Block, Row 10, Allotment 3 East).

Joseph, Henry and Janies grave

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